Dimitar Markov

Senior Analyst and Project Director, Law Program

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Master’s Degree in Law, specialization in Administration of Justice, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Sofia


Dimitar Markov works in the fields of human rights, criminal law and judicial reform. He has assisted CSD’s task force on introducing the ombudsman institution to Bulgaria doing research on the foreign and international legislation in this area and coordinating the web-based Ombudsman Information Network launched in 2002. He is member of CSD’s task forces on electronic signature and on registration reform and has worked on the Law on the Electronic Document and the Electronic Signature, the Law on the Commercial Register and legal commentaries on the two laws. In the field of judicial reform, Dimitar Markov has assisted the development of the Program for Judicial Reform (1999) and the Judicial Anti-Corruption Program (2003). He is involved in the research on the use of information technologies for judicial case management and in the elaboration of indicators for measuring public confidence in criminal justice. He has also done studies on the legal framework of cybercrime, the protection of victims’ rights and the fight against organized crime and corruption. Dimitar Markov is coordinating the work of CSD as a national focal point for Bulgaria of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s research network, previously known as the Racism and Discrimination Network (RAXEN) and currently operating under the name of FRANET. He is also responsible for the contributions of CSD as a member of the Rights, Equality and Diversity Network (RED Network). In the field of prisons and prisoners’ rights Dimitar Markov has done research on the treatment of vulnerable groups of prisoners, alternatives to imprisonment and the situation of drug users in prison. He has also coordinated the development of the Prison Conditions Monitoring Index (PCMI) – a system of indicators for assessing the conditions in penitentiary facilities.

Research Focus

Criminal law and procedure, human rights, judicial reform, cybercrime, prisons, legal framework of information technologies and cybercrime.

Selected Publications

Prison Conditions Monitoring Index: Methodology and Pilot Results, Center for the Study of Democracy, 2015

Vulnerable Groups of Prisoners: A Handbook, Center for the Study of Democracy, 2015

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