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Corruption Assessment Report 1999
The Corruption Assessment Report 1999 follows the structure and approach of the Action Plan adopted by the Policy Forum of Coalition 2000 in November 1998. It presents a general evaluation of the state and dynamic of corruption in Bulgarian society and of the efforts to counteract it in 1999. more »
Annual Report 1999
CSD was established at a time when hopes for a radical break with the communist past were running high. Soon it became clear that the transition will take both time and vision. The desired result was not just public policy reform but a fundamental institutional change in society, politics and economy. Traditional approaches were, therefore, inadequate. In a context of profound transformation of institutions and attitudes, it was necessary to find mechanisms that will help root out vested interests and ensure public support. Building unusual alliances turned out to be one of them, probably the most successful one. more »
The Coaltion 2000 Process in 1999
The Report, discussed at the Policy Forum of Coalition 2000 in December 1999, presents the major activities of Coalition 2000 during 1999 more »
Local Initiatives in the Period 1999 - 2000
The report Local Initiatives in the Period 1999-2000, discussed at the Policy Forum of Coalition 2000 in December 1999, is dedicated to the public-private partnership on local level. more »
Corruption in Parliamentary Practice and the Legislative Process (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader contains a number of texts which provide an answer to the questions of the nature of the concept of "political corruption", its unfavorable consequences on society more »
The Economic Price of Corruption (available only in Bulgarian)
The issue describes the impact of corruption on the economic development of the country. more »
Local Anti-Corruption Initiatives
This brochure represents an attempt to analyze and summarize the activities and results of the first stage of the Small Projects program of Coalition 2000. more »
Bulgaria's Participation in EU Structural Funds
The present report examines the preparation of Bulgaria for future participation in the structural policies of the EU with the purpose of achieving economic and social harmonization on the basis of the introduction of principles of regional and social policy and the development of infrastructures in the area of transport and telecommunications. more »
Bulgaria: Legal and Judicial Reform, Judicial Assessment
This report was written by Alex Iorio (Counsel, LEGEC) and Galina Mikhlin (Counsel, LEGEC) based on findings of a mission that visited Bulgaria in October 1998. Ms. Nancy Worthington (Consultant) participated in the mission and substantially contributed to this report. more »
Social Policy Aspects of Bulgaria's EU Accession
Ensuring of the national social security systems' conformity with the criteria for membership in the European Union is of substantial importance for the entire process of democratisation and integration in Europe. At the same time these systems determine the internal potential of the applicant countries for accession. That is where the actuality of the questions, put in this study stems from: What is the scope of the field of action of the economic and social criteria for integration in the social sphere? To what extent does the Bulgarian system for social protection correspond to the European models and values? more »

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