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Annual Report 1997
1997 was also the year in which CSD was established as the leading Bulgarian NGO with a strong record of policy analysis in the field of European integration. Based on the research findings of several projects commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs CSD prepared eleven policy papers in major areas of Bulgaria's accession strategy to the EU: from democratic institution building and rule of law to capital markets development, regional cooperation and the environment. These documents, compiled in two volumes in English and Bulgarian, will be published in March 1998. more »
Introduction more »
Policy and Legal Environment for the Growth of the SME Sector in Bulgaria, January 1997
The Policy Forum aims to identify those factors that will improve the economic and legal environment for the growth of the small and medium sized enterprise ("SME") sector in Bulgaria. The forum has brought together some of the country’s most influential individuals, representing various institutional and independent bodies, to discuss the constraints that are hindering the development of the SME sector and to propose and review various recommendations to overcome these obstacles. The paper attached hereto is a compilation of those recommendations contributed and discussed at the forum. more »
Privatisation Funds - The Bulgarian Model, 1997
The privatisation funds are specific investment companies. In this sense as the first representatives of this type of economic entity they will have their own importance for capital market development in Bulgaria. In their role as instruments for 'mass' investment their establishment is associated with the application of the programme for mass privatisation. In addition, the privatisation funds are a separate group of issuers which will supply the capital market with "goods" (their own shares - although at the initial stage they are a little immobile) of which the quality will be determined by the funds' successful performance. more »
Institutional and Policy Framework for the Development of Capital Market in Bulgaria, September 1997
The existing legal and institutional framework and available technical facilities in the Bulgarian capital markets do not work very efficiently towards supporting a fully developed securities market. The necessary legislation, institutions and technical facilities must be put in place, so that, over time, a market will develop which will be able to absorb the volumes normal for a country of the size of Bulgaria and, potentially, international trades. The following discussion presents specific issues that need to be addressed, so that said purposes could be met. more »
Brain Drain from Central and Eastern Europe, April 1997
The project was carried out by research teams from the following transition countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. Initially, Albania was included in the project, but the project coordinator left Albania and the contract could not start. Many difficulties were encountered in carrying out an international cross-country analysis on migration issues. more »
Privatization in Bulgaria: Pushing Forward
The Privatization Act was passed by the Bulgarian parliament in 1992, allowing privatization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to move forward. Since February 1993, when the first state-owned enterprise was privatized, privatization has slowly been gaining momentum in Bulgaria. Despite this progress, however, the environment in Bulgaria was anything but conducive to privatization until 1997. The economic and political situations were unstable, scaring off potential investors. High inflation, high interest rates, an unstable banking system, an undeveloped financial sector, and a volatile political environment were the rule. more »
Program for Judicial Reform more »
Judiciary and Corruption
The first chapter contains a concise translation of a book by Mary L. Volcansek, Maria Elisabetta de Franciscis, and Jaqueline Lucienne Lafon titled more »