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Voters and Parliamentarians. An Attempt for a Portrait, December 7, 1990
In July 1990 the Center for the Study of Democracy carried out a post-election opinion poll study of the political orientations of the Bulgarian electorate. The study used the method of the direct questionnaire, carried out on a random sample of about 3 000. Parallel with this study, the Center carried out a testing for the values orientation of the respondents. The test was a kind of continuation of the questionnaire, was targeted at the same respondents at the same time as the poll itself. more »
The Political Change in Bulgaria. Post-Electoral Attitudes, August 17, 1990
In countries with an established parliamentary tradition, political self-determination after elections usually coincides with the actual result of the elections. Any differences are in favour of the winners. Having in mind the complex psychological relations of Bulgarians to political power, we expected originally that answers in our poll would show a wider following of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP (formerly Communist), than revealed in its electoral percentage. more »
The Political Change In Bulgaria Pre-Electorial Attitudes, June 7, 1990
It would seem that today the basic problem is one of the content of the transition. This is frequently being reduced to the opposition "communist totalitarianism - Western democracy". And this is easy to explain from the point of view of psychology. But this superficially self-evident opposition must not lead us to the over-simplification of the problem of democracy. more »