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The Bulgaria Development Gateway (BgDG) is a civil society led initiative aimed at facilitating the country's transition into an information, or knowledge-based society by consolidating the national dialogue on ICT for development and promoting a common vision among the relevant stakeholders in government, business, civil society, academic and research communities, and international donor organizations. The Bulgaria Development Gateway initiative was made possible through a project of the Center for the Study of Democracy. It began with a planning phase completed in the period March-November 2001. Since then with the support of the Development Gateway Foundation a wide coalition of development stakeholders has been forged to uphold BgDG's mission. The Center for the Study of Democracy, the World Bank, the Applied Research and Communications Fund, the Bulgarian Internet Alliance for Economic Development, and Coalition 2000, as well as a number of public sector officials, representatives of large IT companies, private business associations and major Bulgarian NGOs, continue to be committed to the development values and partnering with BgDG.


   Corporate Governance

Mr. Todor Yalamov, Coordinator
Center for the Study of Democracy
5 Alexander Zhendov str.
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: (+359 2) 971 3000
Fax: (+359 2) 971 2233

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Insiders, Outsiders, and Good Corporate Governance in Transitional Economies: Cases of Russia and Bulgaria, Final Analytical Report
(Adobe PDF, 973 KB)