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CGI - Executive summary

The Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI) for Bulgaria is a coalition of Bulgarian non-governmental organisations established in the beginning of 1999 by the Association of Industrial Capital, the Association of Voluntary Pension Funds, the Center for Economic Development, the Center for the Study of Democracy, the Investors’ Union, and the Securities Holders Association. The main objective of CGI is to facilitate the adoption of relevant corporate governance standards and procedures that would ensure accountability, transparency and control in the economy.

The initiative includes two main focus areas:

  • Facilitating the adoption of modern corporate governance principles through regular diagnostics of needs and analysis of existing corporate governance structures.

  • Promoting public awareness of corporate governance principles and their practical importance in view of the effective operation of companies and for ensuring accountability, transparency and protection of shareholders’ rights through public education, advocacy and dissemination.

  •    Corporate Governance

    Mr. Todor Yalamov, Coordinator
    Center for the Study of Democracy
    5 Alexander Zhendov str.
    1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Tel: (+359 2) 971 3000
    Fax: (+359 2) 971 2233

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