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Energy Security and Energy Governance

The governance of Bulgaria’s energy sector is faced with a number of problems of a technical, legal, and institutional nature. Recent audits of the implementation of large energy infrastructure projects have exposed some serious governance issues. more »

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  CSD Thematic Areas for 2015
In 2015 CSD continues to focus on unfinished domestic reforms and international challenges to the country. more »

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Eleventh Anti-Corruption Policy Forum: Anti-Corruption Policies against State Capture
On 11 December 2014 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized the Eleventh Anti-Corruption Policy Forum. During the event CSD presented and discussed the Corruption Assessment Report: Anti-Corruption Policies against State Capture. In this tenth report, the Center for the Study of Democracy provides an overview of the state of corruption and anticorruption in Bulgaria in 2013 – 2014. more »

Workshops: The Hidden Economy in Macedonia
On 27-28 November 2014 the Center for Research and Policy Making, Macedonia and the Center for the Study of Democracy organized two workshops aiming to empower the Macedonian civil society and the relevant government authorities to monitor and tackle the hidden economy. The first day was dedicated to tackling undeclared work in Macedonia, and the possibilities for utilizing local and European experience, and the second day focused on strengthening the media reporting on hidden economy and corruption. more »

Regional Conference: Trends and Challenges in Implementing Anti-corruption Strategies
On 25 November 2014 the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) and the Centre for Security Cooperation (RACVIAC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia, organized a regional conference in Skopje on the Trends and Challenges in Implementing Anti-corruption Strategies. Representatives of the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity initiative (SELDI) from Bulgaria and Macedonia took part in the event. more »

SELDI Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges
On 13 – 14 November 2014 in Tirana, Albania, the Southeast Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) network, in cooperation with the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI), the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the Ministry of State on Local Issues of Albania, co-organized the Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges. more »


Corruption Pressure and Involvement 2014

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Yet a grandiose pipeline project means little to ordinary Bulgarians getting by on a monthly salary of €400 or less, said Ognian Shentov, chairman of the Centre for the Study of Democracy, a Sofia think-tank. “There’s a lot of resentment against the oligarchs but no critical mass of opposition – they (the oligarchs) are a concern of the chattering class, not of people who are struggling to pay their electricity bills,” Mr Shentov said.

Bulgarians go to the polls amid discontent, Financial Times, 3 October 2014

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“The Ukraine crisis has also reminded us that energy security can be an issue of national security, not just for Ukraine, but for many other allies as well. Russia will remain the major supplier to Europe, there is no doubt about it, but once alternatives are in place, Russia will become more flexible when negotiating on price and contract terms.”

Mr. Michael Ruehle, Head, Energy Security Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO Headquarters at the International conference: Energy Security and State Capture Risks, 27 October 2014, Sofia

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